George Foreman Evolve George Foreman Evolve

Grill, cook, bake, in Geroge Foreman Evolve grilling system. You can reduce fat in cooking by 42%. Interchangeable removable ceramic-coated plates make it the most versatile machine you can buy.

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Waffle plates to upgrade your breakfast, a deep pan base to bake brownies, and pizzas. The non-stick plates make it a breeze to clean up.

Fancy some restaurant style steaks at home, the George Foreman Evolve can sear up to 500 degrees. Optimum high heat, in 90 seconds.

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The George Foreman team invited me and 9 other bloggers for an exclusive event to trial out the new grilling system.

Canapes were smoked salmon on waffles pre-made using the George, throughout the evening we made food from the Evolve and ate all our fruits labor.


The first task, searing a tuna steak at 200 degrees with the new buttons on the front, we can control the temperature. In less than 5 minutes, the sesame coated tuna steak with a bed of Asian salad was ready to be devoured.

IMG_6937 IMG_6931

Changing the plates to a deep base one we starting baking our blue broccoli and yellow beetroot pizza. In 15 minutes, a golden brown-based crust was born.

IMG_6941 IMG_6942 fat reducing grill

For desserts we made grilled plums with thyme poked through the middle, brushed with an orange marmalade.

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The George Foreman Evolve is available for £149 in stores now

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