Nature Valley Protein Bar

When you thought you picked up a healthy breakfast bar. Take a moment to look at the actual ingredients and amount of sugar it has. Be warned when sugar is not burned it converts to fat. Most adult cereal bars out there are full of high amounts of sugar.

Nature Valley Protein Bar

Nature Valley sent me two of their new protein bars to try out. With my cleaner eating and getting more fit. I needed the extra protein since I’ve gone back to HILT training and Zumba fitness. I force myself out of bed early Saturday mornings and after work and need someone to sustain my hunger. I find when I eat too much before a workout I start to get a stitch. That’s where Nature Valley protein bars come in.

It can help keep my hunger at bay for the hour due to the peanuts and I know it’s a great pick me up when I need some protein post work out. Protein is great for muscles to recover.


They taste very natural with very little sugar; I find other health bars too sugary for my liking and defeat the purpose of eating healthy. Nature Valley protein bars are filled with whole grain oats, soy protein, honey and peanuts. It only contains 6 grams of sugar.


You can find Nature Valley Protein bars in Waitrose, and other supermarkets. They come in two great flavours peanut and chocolate, and roasted peanuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.