With it’s velvety smooth like texture that instantly melts in your mouth. You can easily lick the spoon until it becomes spotless clean. Häagen Daz ice cream is easily devoured at any time of the day. With it distinctive real flavours, using only natural ingredients, it’s no wonder Häagen Daz is a firm favourite for us sweet tooth lovers. My favourite flavour of all time is the strawberry cheesecake one, but now it’s changed to cookies and cream.

Häagen Daz IMG_2760 IMG_2761

Häagen Daz invited me down to their #realornothing event. 2013 Masterchef winner Natalie Coleman held a demonstration of one of the founder original Vanilla flavour ice cream.

IMG_2762 IMG_2763 IMG_2764 Natalie Coleman IMG_2768

Häagen Daz, until this day uses the same recipe as they did many years ago. Using only 5 ingredients. Cream, vanilla, eggs, milk and sugar.

Häagen Daz #realornothing IMG_2775

We kicked off the night we cocktails and canapés made by Natalie, we rather impressed with her LED thermometer, which I went to buy on amazon.

IMG_2777 IMG_2778 Natalie Coleman Masterchef IMG_2781

Can you tell the difference between Häagen Daz to their competitors? Through a blind test I managed to guess it correctly. Sampling that same flavour earlier on the night I could pin point the correct spoon, proving each batch taste exactly the same.


What is your favourite Häagen Daz flavour? Each spoon is so captivating addictive. It’s either real or nothing.