Ask anyone that knows me well, and you will find that if there’s one thing I can’t live without in the world of food is a potato. Spuds have been the love of my love and share my comfort food love of chip shop chunky chips soaked up in onion vinegar. My winter favourite of cheese and beans jacket potato. Roast potatoes for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners, and my beloved crisps for snacking. My east end pie and mash with liquor and lashings of chilli vinegar. 

It’s one of those ingredients that just pairs with everything you throw at it. So, when I received an invite in my inbox for an evening with Idahoan a challenge to see if I can tell the difference between real potatoes and instant ones cooked up by the lovely runner up of 2016 Masterchef Billy and Jack I couldn’t say no.  

Idahoan is an American brand with dehydrated potatoes products on sale. Did you know the first dehydration potato process was created in 1942? Idohoan developed an innovated process to keep the natural texture and flavour intact. Idahoan invited selective bloggers and influencers to celebrate the launch of Idahoan in the UK. 

Idohan challengd us to a tasting menu cooked up by Billy and Jack. We had to see if we could taste the difference between a real potato or a dish using Idahan dehydrated potatoes. Billy and Jack did an amazing job as it was even hard for me to differentiate instant mash and real potatoes. I did well with guessing 4/7 off the tasting menu. Their cooking was expectational and the favourite dishes was the pressed potato, three cheese sauce and pickled onion. Crab gnocchi was delicious and crisped.  


Here’s what we had for the night.  


Crab gnocchi 

Pressed potato 

Cottage pie 

Potato – fried quail 

Honey potato cake 

Potato truffles 

After our food, we were shown a real live demo of the mash at work. All you do is add the powder and hot water to a bowl and like magic the potato reforms into a fluffy texture and you just need to fluff it up again. I made a sachet at home with added cheddar to the plain one and you really can’t taste much of a difference. No need for hours of and hand labour. 




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