Minutes away from Gloucester road underground station and situated inside the design inspired boutique Rydges hotel. The jam cupboard restaurant lies in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea.

Having been invited to try out the new winter menu at the jam cupboard, and attend the Christmas press party held at the Rydges. It was a pleasure to bring my friend “T” along with me.

After a short train ride to Gloucester road, we were excited about the buzz of being in the Chelsea area. Groups of people in their fancy tux and gowns roaming the streets eagerly excited to get to their destinations.

Upon arrival to Jam cupboard, the place looked like a modern trendy looking bar from the outside, there were a few diners inside and the place was nice and quiet. The smartly dressed waiter greeted us efficiently, handing over the menus.

He didn’t quite understand what I meant when I requested the winter menu, however we were presented with the set menu. For 2 course meal £15.50, and 3 courses it was £19.50.


“T” and I have similar habits of ordering different things to what the other was having. I was immediately drawn to the Pumpkin risotto with sage and thyme infused olive oil. “T” had Black pudding croquettes with herb mayonnaise.

As we waited for the food to cook, was given a bottle of house white wine with the meal.


The pumpkin risotto was presented beautifully on a large white plate garnished with watercress on top. The strong smell of Parmesan cheese, filled my nose, I just couldn’t wait to try the dish. The flavoured creamy sauce and the dense texture of mushrooms, along with the sweet flavoured pumpkin, all of these flavours and textures were hit the right places satisfying my tongue.


“T” was pleasantly surprised with the Black pudding croquettes with herb mayonnaise, I too agreed. The crunchiness of breaded croquettes, filled with black pudding the herb mayonnaise was creamy and paired well.

For mains I went for Pan roasted salmon with warm butterbean and garlic cassoulet and “T” had Confit of chicken with grain mustard sauce, roasted potatoes and tender stem broccoli.


The salmon was arranged on top of the bed of butterbeans. Bright pink with a crispy skin, the combination of tender butterbeans and the very rich garlic cassoulet was wondrous.


“T” was a little let down with her confit of chicken and didn’t think it was that exciting. I think the roast potatoes was my favourite from her dish, the chicken needed more flavour.

Lastly for desserts we had, the inner child in me had my eyes on the Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream and “T” had Chocolate mousse with winterberry compote & vanilla cream.


The sticky toffee was presented in a small square portion, with the toffee sauce, and the smell of the vanilla ice cream hit me first. The vanilla ice cream was laid on top of breaded ginger biscuit crumbs. The cake was lovely and moist, but the toffee was runny and didn’t had enough flavoured. The ice cream was delicious, with the ginger biscuits. I just wished there was more of the ginger biscuits.


“T” Chocolate mousse with winterberry compote & vanilla cream was the winner, the mousse and vanilla cream looked like it was freshly scooped. The combination of the whole dessert complemented each other. The mousse was velvety smooth and melted in my mouth in instant. The cream and winterberry suited the richness and sourness of the winterberry.


Overall, I think it was a great meal, when you think of Chelsea you associate the area for rich and you wouldn’t think going to a 4 star hotel you would find such great value for money food. 3 courses is only £19.50 and a bottle of house wine sets you back for around £15.


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