Just like eggs, spuds/potatoes can be cooked in many ways. Mash potatoes, may seem like it’s something so simple. Once you add some other ingredients to the mix and you are on to something.

There are 3 steps to Mothermash, choose your mash, then the mains and finally the gravy.

Mothermash comes in 6 different variations and you can also choose your serving as “mash” velvety smooth or “bashed” some, added texture.

The choice is yours, served with either sausages (some other people call it bangers) or pies.

The final step is to choose the gravy.

I went for the cheesy mash, lamb and mint sausages, and onion gravy. The scent of the onion gravy was enough to send my stomach to cloud 9. It was a good meal, the sausages were a slight disappointment and was dry and needed some more flavour. The cheesy mash and gravy did it for me, velvety, creamy and smooth with no lumps in sight.

I just wished my stomach had room for desserts; this was very filling for under £10 in the soho area.



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