As a food explorer, which is what my website is all about. I wanted to try the untouched territory. What are the options if I didn’t eat meat? What is the biggest brand you will know in the supermarket for vegetarian products? Quorn comes to my mind straight away. I am clearly not a vegetarian, however I was open to try out some new products by Quorn.

Quorn chicken pieces Quorn mince

Invited down to a master class, we started the evening with some Quorn sausage rolls, tempura. I must say the Quorn sausage mimics the real deal very well. The texture and taste are nailed down well.

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A representative from Quorn gave a presentation about the history of Quorn, new launches etc.

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So what is Quorn?

Quorn is high protein and low saturated fat made from Mycoprotein belonging to the fungi family. Developed by Rank Hovis McDougall, currently there are around 100 different Quorn products including fresh and frozen products.


Why is Quorn healthy?

Mycoprotein is a healthy protein source, low in saturated fat. In a diet it can help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. If your conscience about carbon footprint, then you will be glad to know it uses 80% less than normal meats. With Quorn mince compared to lean beef mince, you have 90% less fat, 50% less fat and 500% more fibre.

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Then it was time to get my hands dirty and make some fresh tagliatelle from scratch. I’m pretty sure Underground Cooking School is sick of seeing me now. Compared to my attempt at Parma Ham event, I made the tagliatelle perfectly.

IMG_5139 IMG_5148 IMG_5150 IMG_5152 IMG_5153 IMG_5154 IMG_5156 IMG_5157 photo 2

We watched as the chefs created the paste for curry from scratch. We then helped prepare the strawberry meringue roulade.

IMG_5160 IMG_5163 IMG_5168

As we finished preparing we gather around the dining table and toasted our drinks and ate through our 3-course meal. Quorn mince has a similar texture to real mince, with no distinctive taste. The chicken Quorn pieces didn’t quite mimic real chicken well enough, some parts were smooth, and some were tough and left a sour aftertaste. Quorn is a good alternative to real meats, and can be use straight away when frozen. Easy to cook with, incorporating with popular recipes. I really enjoyed their sausage rolls the most.

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