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Starting the year with New Year resolutions of eating more healthy and dieting it was bound to be broken. Hearty meals are much needed during the winter season and the desire of spicy flavours and yarning warmth calls for a good Indian. Invited down by Zomato to Gaylord restaurant, it was guarantee a spectacular evening.

gaylord restaurant

Gaylord restaurant offering Northern Indian food is nicely situated in West London, easy to find.

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Starting off with some drinks, the upcoming moorish dishes. Test tube looking glasses of lime green water topped with puff; made us all ask how do we eat this? Well, it was called a Goi gappa shot after all, and I finished off with the usual “aaah” drinking sounds. A rack of cute adorable mini shei puri cones, filled with joyful mix of crunchy goods.

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My favourites had to be the freshly baked Toki breads, and the Gaylord butter chicken. Lean and tender bathed in Makni sauce. A stainless steel box with all sorts of meats, with a feisty chargrilled fire kept the meats warm. Like cannibals we were all over the meats, topped with spices and herbs that had a vivid flavour.

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The curries were great without being overpowering spicy, bursting with intense natural flavours of the spices without masking out the taste, and alluring aromas.

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A theatrical performance came with the desserts as we were treated to a flaming show. I licked the plates clean and savoured every bite from that meal, a great night with fellow food lovers.

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