Goat Kosha Mangsho

Darjelling Express is a force to be reckoned with. Started up by former lawyer Asma Khan kitchen home as a supper club to a fully fledge restaurant. Located on the second floor of Kingly court in Carnaby street. Food is cooked up by all a ladies from different regions of India, learnt from their own mothers. It has a perfect blend of Indian and Bengali blend.  I received plenty of invites to attend the supper clubs but never had the time to go.  

It just hit the evening after 6 pm the restaurant was quiet with one table seated with people. The layout of the restaurant is nice but the seating is too close to one another that it’s hard to squeeze in between the gaps. The menu has a good selection of dishes and rotates every 8 weeks depending on the season from the British produce. Just a note if you visit on Monday, it will be meat free.  

Darjeeling Express menu

The first dish ordered that most appealed to me were Goat Kosha Mangsho (goat curry), and a side Kachumbar salad.  

Goat Kosha Mangsho (£16)

Goat Kosha Mangsho

Price for the dishes is on the pricey side not including rice the curry alone is £16 for a small portion. Goat Kosha Mangsho is served up in a long deep clay bowl, bold thick curry covered up the meat, as the menu describe there’s an occasion potato. Only one potato was found, if you love spicy food this dish is lethal enough to give you food sweats. Spices kicked in immediately, making my mouth fiery hot. The first few pieces of goat were nice and tender but the rest were so dry I left them back in the bowl.  

Kachumbar salad (£4)

Kachumbar Salad

Kachumbar salad cooled up my tongue from the fiery spices, a simple light salad filled with cubes of cucumber, chopped tomatoes, chilli, red onions and pomegranate. Service is fast and staff are warm and welcoming.  

Top Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby,
London W1B 5PW



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