Daawat Strand Palace Hotel
Daawat Strand Palace Hotel

Bring on the thali silver shiny trays filled with starters and mains. Daawat nestled inside the Strand Palace hotel, has a great value set meal for a steal. Setting back with a shocking £18 for 3-course meal.

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From the menu I opted for methi murgh kebab, lamb roganjosh, and a mango kulfi for dessert. When the thali came I was pleasantly surprised with the extra side dishes, pappadam and roti. Usually at other restaurants these additional supplements cost extra. Small little steel dishes filled the thali tray.

thali tray - daawat
thali tray – daawat

The chicken kebab was good, not too dry or tender; it could have done with more flavour. The lamb roganjosh was lovely, tender chunks of meat melted in the mouth, super tender it wobbled inside my tongue. The curry was very mild and not spicy, just perfect for me.

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Punjabs chole, dale tadka, jeera aloo side dishes was very generous and equally tasty. It was wonderful to have small bites from each little thing on the plate, a mini picnic of texture and flavours.

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The dessert came in a small round clay pot; still frozen and very icy I waited for it to melt in room temperature. It had good flavours, but you can tell it has not been freshly made. It was one of the least favourite from the meal.

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Overall I enjoyed my thali set experience and think it’s a great bargain for a quiet meal in the West End. Service was very prompt, go hideaway at a brassiere at a great hotel spot.

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