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I had my fair share of Chinese food after a night out dancing the night away in clubs. Crawling into the nearest Chinese restaurant looking comfort food. Not many of the restaurants left me a memorable experience.

My friend raved how the delicious the duck was at Four Seasons 文興酒家, and it was something stuck in the back of my mind to visit one day. That one-day happened to be one of my many “消夜” (midnight snack) marathons in town.

Chinatown location

There was a slight queue outside and the restaurant was quite busy. We were seated very quickly. The menu was considerably decent with choices, but my eyes were drawn to the BBQ meat selections. 2 BBQ meat choices and rice, one had to be the duck and char siu.

The food

Food arrived within 10 mins, the smell of the scrumptious meat hit me first. The beauty of the delectable pieces of sliced juicy meat, glisten brightly. One bite of that duck and char siu and I was in heaven. The sauce was savoury sweet poured over the meat and rice like gravy. The beauty of Four Seasons roasted types of meat is how much flavour the meats hold. Meat juices drip from your mouth, it’s a basic dish of rice and meat.

Usually, when I’m at other restaurants I do not end up finishing off the dish. This place made me eat every single little thing and my plate was spotless.

Four Seasons restaurant has to be the far best duck I have tried in London and I would certainly return for more food.

For more information visit the Four Seasons 文興酒家 website.

12 Gerrard Street, China Town
London W1D 5PR

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