Someone with a busy lifestyle like me, have days when you simply can’t be arsed to prepare a meal from scratch. All that chopping, advance planning and grocery buying just takes too much time and effort. That’s when Bonapeti comes in; it’s wholesome plant base restaurant quality dishes delivered to your door. Meals are carefully crafted and prepared fresh daily by top chefs, who has worked for restaurants such as Nopi, The Fat Duck, Nobu Maze and Terre à Terre.



Bonapeti kindly sent me two meals to review; the delivery was to my work address. Although I had requested my delivery to arrive at 1pm, so I can eat it during my lunch break it came almost an hour later than expected. The good was I got to track the courier in real time via the link you receive from a confirmation email.


The moment I saw the van, coming near to the office complex I quickly ran over to reception to collect my package. A big box, padded out to every corner kept my food safe without spills, and I was pleasantly surprised to see two meals for me. Even in its eco-friendly packaging, the food looked vibrant, adventurous and neatly assembled. Some of the things comes in its own containers all you have to do is follow the instructions and assemble the fish together. The dishes you need to cook, only takes a matter of minutes.

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The first meal I had for lunch was the dreamy coconut curry laksa with marinated tofu pasembur. Flat rice noodles submerged into the pungent laksa soup base blend of fragrant coconut milk, ginger, zingy lime leaves. My favourite thing about the dish had to be the tofu pasembur, covered in this thick paste of peanut and sweet potato sauce.


The roasted pineapple, crispy toasted coconut; mango and papaya salad, exotic flavours and fiery kick excited my taste buds.


The next day, I enjoyed what looked like a courgette lasagne, thin sliced courgettes layered together with dried tomatoes, walnuts and pesto. When I couldn’t get enough I went to finish the salad.


Assembling the roasted beetroot, lentils, creamy dill coconut yoghurt, I loved the crunchy golden yellow beetroot crisp thins and sweet oranges and grapefruit slices. Bpnapeti really impressed with my meals, the sound of salads may sound like a boring lunch to most people, but they can come up with adventurous recipes to keep it interesting.


Ideally this would be fab to round up your colleagues and friends to buy the dishes in a bulk and divide the £5 delivery cost. From the dishes I tried I really enjoyed Sam Pryors foods the most, he builds flavour in the ingredients he uses. Most of the salads are under £4.95, and mains at £9.50.

Here is a discount code to get 10% off your next order BON201501.

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