Scallop Carpaccio

Sophie Michell started in the food business at a mere age of 15, cooking for the likes of Claudia Schiffer and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Sophie Michell

She recently became youngest female hotel executive chef at Thompsons Hotel group at Belgraves London Pont Street.

IMG_5577 IMG_5576 Pont Street Pont Street

Every now and then I get invited to foodie meetups with Zomato, I love meeting fellow foodies new and old sharing the passion of food and drinks. Pont Street is located in the postcode area of SW1, the posh part of town. Near the back streets of Harrods department store and many designer shops. Residing inside the Thompson Hotel, from the outside window front, you can see the gorgeous looking cakes ready to tempt you inside.


Once inside the hotel lobby, it is furnished with real cow leather rugs and almost apartment type of feel. The restaurant is located right of the building, greeted by friendly staff. As one of the few to arrive early I got to meet a few ladies I’ve seen on twitter and meeting them in person.


The arrival cocktails were two secret drinks, “Lavender Mogul” and Winter Alexander. It got my thumbs up, as I slipped away with the “Lavender Mogul”

IMG_5582 IMG_5585 IMG_5586 IMG_5587 IMG_5588 IMG_5589 IMG_5590 Pont Street

Once everyone gathered we were taken downstairs to Sophie Michell kitchen where she gave a master class on making fresh pasta. Fellow foodies gave it a try and couldn’t quite gasp the technique to keep things in portion and moulding the pasta properly.

IMG_5592 IMG_5593 Seared Beef Carpaccio Baby Seasonal Vegetables Scallop Carpaccio

Back upstairs we started the meal with crudité, baby seasonal vegetables with a light Belgrave dip. The seared beef carpaccio and scallop carpaccio came well presented on a slate board.

Hot cheese balls

I couldn’t get enough of the hot cheese balls, filled with melted cheese that becomes string as you take a bite.

grilled oysters grilled oysters

Grilled oysters were a little too salty for me, as I prefer the stuff in raw form. Mini sliders went down well and disappeared as soon as it was put down on the table.

IMG_5598 IMG_5599 IMG_5601

A square block of pork belly was simply glazed with maple and bourbon.


For my main course I choose a lobster tagliatelle, the pasta was still rare, but the sauce was superb with plenty of flavour and there were a lot of lobster meat.

lobster tagliatelle

We finally ended the night with desserts, a madeleine with real gold flakes and a shot of lemon curd. The lemon was super addictive with an after taste of lavender.

Madeleine | Lemon Curd

Flourless chocolate cake had a sugar glaze and topped with toffee popcorn, the cake itself was light and airy without being too sweet.

flourless chocolate cake

Last but not least the doughnut balls piped with jam, with a vanilla milkshakes. I didn’t enjoy the milkshake as much; it was runny with hardly any flavour. The doughnuts were great, without too much of the bread like dough, very light and fluffy.

doughnut balls

Overall I enjoyed my meal at Pont Street, great quality food with a healthy cooking enthuse. Fantastic location and great relaxing environment, main meals under £25 and won’t break the bank. 

20 Chesham Place
020 3189 4850

{google_map}20 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8HQ{/google_map}

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