Here’s another post on yet another epic cheese toastie find, this time it’s Kappacasein in Borough Market. The owner Bill Oglethorpe makes his cheese in Bermondsey and his stall in Borough Market. Soley serving cheese toasties and Swiss raclette with potatoes and the gherkins. Borough market is the foodie destination, you can get everything and anything you want. 


Borough Market

Kappacasein, is located on top Stoney St, you need to get in there quick as it attracts long queues for both their two dishes. Money is collected whilst in the queue in exchange for a raffle ticket. Once it’s your turn you wait for your toastie £7 to be prepared by the staff. In the glass cabinet, you see the pile of grated cheese, tiny diced up onions and slices of sourdough bread. All ready to be placed in the sandwich grill, old dried melted cheese can be visibly seen all over the dials. 


Cheese toastie

Receiving the toastie, you notice the thin sourdough bread being toasted until golden brown, chopped onions, and dried melted cheese stuck on the outside. The cheeses smell very strong along with the small onion pieces. The cheese toastie is made up of montgomery cheddar, onions, leeks, garlic in Poilâne sourdough bread. The taste, it is on the top scale as being ultimate cheesy, one of the cheeses is so pungent that lingers in your mouth, the onions are also strong. A bite into the toastie and strings of cheese pulls between the teeth and bread, sourdough thin bread is also extra crispy. Kappacasein receives top marks for being one of the most heavenly best cheese toasties in London.  


For more information, visit the Kappacasein website.   


1 Stoney St, London SE1 9AA 

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