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You see that crane carrying a platform over there, with people’s feet dangling in the air? It’s a fun unique experience brought to you by the Dinner in the sky group. I’ve always wanted to try the unique dining experience, which I also listed on my bucket list. Imagine my luck when I heard Events in the Sky was launching a 10-day pop up at Canary Wharf this year.

I was running a little late for the prior arrival of 45 minutes beforehand flight, I managed to get there 10 minutes before 8:30am. Checking in I quickly skimmed through the safety notes. One was “loose shoes, should not been worn” darn I had my slip on shoes on. Wished they mentioned it earlier.

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Getting ready to be strapped onto a comfortable seat, I wondered if I can bare the 30 minutes seating as I am scared of heights and there was no way we be brought back down.

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Anna Hansen from The Modern Pantry personally was on board to cook our breakfast. The first few minutes whilst we were still stationed Anna Hansen introduced us to menu. Slowly as we were lifted up high to 100ft we began the four-course meal with a passion fruit, turmeric and Manuka honey smoothie., using The Collective Straight up yoghurt. It was a very thick consistency with sharp flavours from the passionfruit, with a rich sweetness from the honey.

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The next dish, you could immediately smell the fresh toasted oats, seeds, green apple, topped with a roast apricot and hidden beneath Greek yoghurt. Although I not a big fan of the Greek yoghurt, in this case it was super sour, the toasted oats, nuts and seeds had no flavour and the apple element seems to be lost. The roasted apricot was beautiful, leaving a caramelised after taste.

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The favourite from the menu, finally came smoked at Anna Hansen own restaurant at The Modern Pantry, the perfect flavour combination of tea smoked salmon, poached egg and yuzu hollandaise on grilled bread was the winner. Corn bread crumbled almost immediately as it seems to be soaked in the yuzu. A Japanese Asian fruit with citrus flavours. The egg was perfectly poached, bursting with its golden-yellow yolk creating a pool in the bowl. Yuzu hollandaise was the twist to the whole dish.

tea smoked salmon, poached egg and yuzu hollandaise on grilled bread

The last course came and we soon descended back to the ground, as our 30 minutes were up. Freshly baked hazelnut and tonka bean flaked and was a dream from the buttery pastry. The smell of cooked hazelnut was heavenly.

hazelnut and tonka bean crossiant IMG_4813 IMG_4812

£50 may seem a little steep to have breakfast, but it was once in a lifetime experience I just had to do. Sitting up high staring at my imaginary version of Gotham city was a fantastic experience. Prior to this, I can admit openly I’m scared of heights, there were points when the platform did a 360 degrees spin and I was clutching on the platform for my dear life. I can honestly say for the most part I was safe sitting up 100ft high; I did my best to sit still as I can.


Want to try the experience yourself? The pop up is only here for 10 days hurry and book a London in the sky experience.

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