There’s only one place you need to be lured into the back streets of Wapping, even sometimes deem dangerous looking at night with it’s tall towering blocks and warehouses in the area. That place would be Il Bordello, it was a spontaneous decision with me fancying Italian food, and I heard many good things about the restaurant from my friends and decided to try it out. Turning up with reservations on a Saturday night we were luckily enough to get a table for 4.

Il Bordello  menu IMG_1944 IMG_1943 Il Bordello

Upon arrival, the loud conversations of people just chatting away, clinking glasses and waiters running about greeted us. The first thing you notice is the staff was almost 90% older men. Seated in our tables presented with the unique hole in the menu, there were a lot of choices in a good way.

Il Bordello olives

My friend V and I had a long wait until the others arrived; starting off we ordered olives and focaccia. To our surprise the olives came with a large salad, filled with a variety with a vinaigrette dressing.

IMG_1970 Il Bordello focaccia

A large disc, with bubbly blisters arrived, still piping hot from the oven, with garlic salt and distinctive taste of rosemary and basil. The focaccia tasted fantastic.

IMG_1978 IMG_1987 IMG_1986 Il Bordello cannellorni ripieni

For mains I decided on the cannellorni ripieni, rolled up fresh pasta, filled with minced meat in a bowl of tomato sauce. The portion was seriously huge. Bold, naturally flavourful essences came out. Mouthfuls, of flavoursome meat and pasta satisfied my palette. The melted mozzarella browned from the oven oozing with the rich tomato sauce made me lick every bit of the bowl clean.




My companions were equally satisfied with their dishes; we had no room for desserts. Shame I really wanted the tiramisu.

IMG_2000 IMG_1991 IMG_1975 IMG_1957 IMG_1956

Il Bordello, leaves you satisfied, fresh quality ingredients, friendly staff. Fine Italian food with incredible value, mains ranging from £10. I’m rating it high on my go to for Italian. Booking is highly recommend as the tables fills as the night darkens.

81 Wapping High St Tower Hamlets, UK E1W 2YG

{google_map}81 Wapping High St Tower Hamlets, UK E1W 2YG{/google_map}

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