Follow the etch butterfly logo to a perfectly convenient place in Belgrave near Victoria Station; it’s the very first thing you notice in the dark. Enticed by the fancy beautiful Grade II mansion, contemporary minimalist design, striking light larva egg looking fixtures this is where Kouzu breathes life. Headed by chef Kyoichi Kai of Zuma and Arts Club fame, the menu is a new stream fusion of foods from around the world.

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Heading up the spiral staircase, revealed the floating mezzanine level with the omakase sushi bar. Seated by the bar we got to see the chefs in action and chat to them as they prepare food.

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Expect non-traditional sashimi with Kouzu New stream sashimi was our choice of starters, slices of premium seafood and meat, with meticulous presentation. Before even biting into the yellow tail, the spring and onion is prudent, fish is very fresh and ponzu truffle dressing cuts through.


J slices of charcoaled grilled beef fillet, a pop of pink rareness standing in julienne salad and drizzled with oriental sauce, was even better, tons earthy flavours and tender meat.

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Fans of Japanese fine dining will know the next dish, popularised by Nobu. Kouzu version is a silky soft black cod roasted to perfection. Underneath lies a cream coloured blob of sauce, and fennel, celery salad that doesn’t quite do anything.

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J went with the grilled free-range duck breast, again Kouzu does the grill and charcoal meats so well. Slice of duck was covered in a glossy sansho Japanese pepper sauce. The limp vegetables that accompanied the dish were bland, but balance the flavours out.

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Lastly, we ordered new style rolls six bites of prawn tempura and salmon avocado roll. The fun part of the dining experience is watching the chefs make our food, the chef adding a layer of tempura fried batter to give it that extra edge and crunch. Prawns had the sweetness, even from licking the shells, the downside seems to be the rice, and it lacked the vinegar taste and seemed dry.

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Anything that came roasted, grilled or charcoal is what Kouzu is best at, pick it up and let the meat slowly melt on your tongue. Sadly my belly was too full to make it for desserts.




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