It’s not often I will go out my way to Beckton just to eat out. Even though it’s not too far from where I live. Docklands is a lovely area; the DLR takes you to many places, Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Bank, Stratford etc.

Last week my companion and I set off to brave the gust of sudden winds and temperatures plummeted to sub zero to Gallions Reach DLR station. We went round in circles near the big roundabout before finding a secret path. Big yellow signs with a warning “private land” were set upon us. Was it safe?

Ignoring the sign my gut instinct told me the restaurant was only minutes away.

Eventually we came across a white and green grade II listed building, the mini fortress had a gym, beauty salon etc. The Reach bar and restaurant occupied the Gallions Hotel.

IMG_4188 IMG_4189

Stepping inside the area, simple wooden tables and stools filled the room. Given one of the larger tables in the corner with a reserved sign. We made ourselves comfortable.


Prior to our arrival, I had already planned out my food order. My eyes were all over the lamb cutlet for mains. Then I saw the magic words “oysters” immediately knew I wanted them for starters and to finish some good old apple and rhubarb crumble.


Before the oysters a basket serving of bread and butter came to us. The bread had a fluffy like candyfloss texture and a good crust.

The reach bread and butter
The reach bread and butter


I licked my lips as soon as the platter of oysters came, 6 of the plumpest super size oysters glisten in all its might. Quickly squirting the lemon juice and a spoon of shallot vinegar. In one mouthful, swallowed it all. It was so FRESSSSH TO DEATH and tasting of seawater. O yes they source they fish from the local Billingsgate fish market.

the reach fresh to death oysters
the reach fresh to death oysters


lamb cutlets - the reach
lamb cutlets – the reach

The waitress came with our mains, my my those plates were HUMUNGOUS. The portion big enough to feed two mouths. The lamb cutlets piled neatly on top of the roasted vegetables, with crispy fresh shallots and caramel brown rosemary juice. Although the lamb meat was quite tough to cut it didn’t taste overcooked, perfectly season in the middle, it went really well with the roasted vegetables. The mash was something, super creamy and buttery, velvet smooth without any lumps.


My friend was delighted with her duck breast, pak choi and creamy mash. Duck breast tasted fantastic without being over cooked.

Grilled Whole Duck Breast honey and thyme sauce, home made creamy mash,  sauté vegetables
Grilled Whole Duck Breast honey and thyme sauce, home made creamy mash,
sauté vegetables

We struggled to eat our mains, we took long, finally as we devoured every single bit without leaving a piece on the plate. We had to let our bellies hang out and rest before tackling the desserts.

Apple and rhubarb crumble
Apple and rhubarb crumble

Treated with the lovely crumble, the warm dish was perfect for the cold Sunday afternoon. The cinnamon in the apple sauce did the job well; nothing was overbearing sweet and the clotted cream balanced the rhubarb out.


The crème Brule was also great, a very massive portion compared to ones I’ve seen before, almost like a frozen pond it took a few knocks to get to the centre of the custard the added twist to the flavour was lavender.

IMG_4206 IMG_4212

Overall, we were seriously impressed by the food, service was prompt food sourced from local markets. Price range from £4-14 for dishes. We will be back, I eyed up some Sunday roasts as I left. Trust me the follow the private walk path there’s hidden treasure to be found in Gallions Reach.

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