mother clucker

Mother Clucker, what a name, something so mighty bold. What on earth can it be? Did you guess it? It’s CHICKEN!
Currently housed in the Truman Brewery in an US converted ambulance, they serve the mouth drooping tea brine, buttermilk soaked twice battered chicken and other comfort goodies like mac and cheese, Cajun fries and black-eyed peas.


Initially, I only wanted the chuckwitch for £7 then I saw mac and cheese which was £6 and was fighting between the two. From the corner of my eye, I saw the deal boards and it was a win-win situation for me to get both and a drink for £12.

mac and cheese

What I didn’t know was the amount of food you get for both items, when they passed the order to me. I thought to myself I can never finish it off. Firstly the cluckwitch had 5 boneless crispy breast strips, garnished with iceberg lettuce, homemade hot sauce and extra zing lime mayo in between brioche buns. I was expecting only 2 pieces of strips like most places, I had to undo the burger and eat a few strips just so I can grip the poor thing in my hands. I’m a real sucker for buttermilk chicken, soft, tender; Mother Clucker version was pretty good and had a nice crispy exterior.

mother clucker

Mac and cheese came in this massive foil tray, as a deal I was expecting a little tub, so technically I was eating two mains in one sitting. The mac and cheese had large tubes of pasta was thick and creamy and filling. I couldn’t even finish both off as my belly was about to explode.

A fab deal for £12, but I do advise to share between two people. I would love to try out the fries and black eye peas next time. Mother Clucker is opened every day.

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