The lovely people over at Malaysia Kitchen sent me over to Guan Chua’s Malaysian Nyonya Supperclub. What is a supperclub, I hear you say? It’s a dining experience where you go to someone’s house that host a dinner. Expect to dine with total strangers and meet new friends. Of course you BYOB (bring your own bottle) with you and just enjoy the evening.

Guan Chua Nyonya Malaysian supperclub

Malaysian Nyonya Supperclub. Malaysian Nyonya Supperclub. Guan Leong

You may have seen Guan aka the boy who ate the world, on TV recently as one of the 12 contestants on Channel 4 The taste. I’ve personally met Guan on a few occasions the last was our session of cocktail making with Funkin cocktails.

Guan Chu runs his Nyonya Malaysian Supper club right inside his flat.

Arriving at Guan’s flat we had welcoming drinks and I met the other 6 guests. Seated Guan gave us the low down on Malaysian Nyonya cuisine, his roots and family back in Malaysia.

Kui Pai Tee

Kui Pai Tee
Kui Pai Tee

To start we had his Kui Pai Tee (top hats) all hand crafted by Guan, he happily showed us the iron casing he used. The top hats is a crispy batter hard shell filled with salad, beanspouts topped with spring onions. It was a perfect dish to kick off.

Kerabu Chicken Salad Kerabu Chicken Salad  Lobak  Lobak

The next two appetizers also delivered, Kerabu Chicken Salad with Woodear. The dish had a wonderful mix of textures and flavours presented on a piece leaf, with dashing are of a sharp citrus tangy sauce.

The Lobak was presently beautifully on slate; deep fried bean curd rolls pork marinated with 5 spices, served with a sweet chilli dripping sauce.

Assam Heh

The mains were also delicious. Assam Heh, fresh mouth-watering prawns from Billingsgate market marinated in tamarind. The Nyonya curry kapitan chicken was the perfect melody of nutty and was fragrant. The corn fed chicken slipped off the bone easier and tender for that melt in the mouth experience.

Nyonya curry kapitan chicken 4-angle bean and okra Nyonya curry kapitan chicken

The accompanying 4-angle bean and okra was good to refresh the palate from all the meaty dishes.

banana and salted caramel tarte tatin banana and salted caramel tarte tatin banana and salted caramel tarte tatin

The dessert was simply the best and a perfect end to the meal. The banana and salted caramel tarte tatin.  It was fit for the god; a beautiful crust with soft mushy bananas topped with a glazed salted caramel with cream and oreo crumbles.

pandan madeline’s photo 2

The second dessert was the pandan madeline’s, freshly prepare and cooked piping hot from the oven.  We simply couldn’t stop eating the bite size nibbles.

After we finished the lot, Guan showed us photo albums of his house in Malaysia, which has now been demolished. I highly recommend his supperclub all the food was simply scrumptious and yummy and great value for money.

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