I have been to Westfield ever since day it was open. Every time I leave the centre to go home to Shepard Bush tube I would always pass Ca’puccino, it is a cafe with Italian treats, the ice cream is freshly made everyday. I finally took the chance to go try some Gelato. Strawberry is my favourite flavour and I wanted a small portion, being stuck in rush hour with sweaty people made me hot and bothered. For £2.20 the smallest size you can choose to have this in either a cone or tub. I wanted a cone, the lady scooped a generous amount for me and gave me a extra spoon. The strawberry gelato was more of a sorbet style, tangy and sweet the texture was perfect and melted in my tongue nicely. The cone was fresh and light and crispy.
I will defiantly try out the Italian cakes next time.

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