After having yummy gelato at Cap,picino, I thought it would be ideal to go eat before attempting a major shopping spree. I was in M&S looking for some heels, FYI M&S does great shoes that are comfortable I can wear my 4 inch heels without my feet hurting by the end of the night. The deli bar was right next to the shoe section, it offers a casual dining experience.

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I was browsing the menu, and it had sandwiches, burgars and chips, the selection is quite limited. What made me try the deli out, was the moussaka on the gastropub menu a tradtional greek dish. It made me reminisce the times I worked for a web design company we would go eat at this cafe for Moussaka and chips.

The food was served on a wooden plank, being petite it was difficult for me to slice my moussaka on the table. It also came with a side salad with balsamic vinegar, feta cheese and mini pitta bread.

The food was great and was great value for money £6.95 and my apple juice was £2.