Even before my food hunt days, Sketch was on my hit list. Ever since I saw my friend posted a pic of her in the weird egg shape cocoon cubicles I was intrigued in visiting the venue. It’s taken me 6 years to finally step into the doors of Sketch.

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In between Oxford circus and Regent Street the venue may look inconspicuous from the outside but once you step in you be overwhelmed by the splendour décor of the converted Georgian house. Sketch has 3 different rooms, as we only wanted some cakes and tea we were seated in the parlour room. The parlour room offers diners a casual setting; each piece of furniture was eclectic, quirky and unique. I loved the weird art hanging off the walls and the staffs uniform.

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At the time my friend and I fancied some cream tea and cakes. Most of the cakes were sold out, and “birds of passion” was offered to me.

birds of passion
birds of passion

In a triangular form coated with coconut and a splash of passion fruit puree, topped with a chocolate shaped like a birds beak. The cake was velvet smooth, creamy with subtle coconut tropical flavours, it hit the spot well.

IMG_6838 IMG_6839 IMG_6837

cream tea
cream tea

The cream tea set, was served in wrapped in towels, the scones portion was large and alongside 3 little saucers of 2 different jams and clotted cream. Sketch serves tea from Jing, an excellent choice. Darjeeling was my choice, the scones were quite disappointing to me, it was bitter from too much baking soda and the jams tasted diluted.

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My friend went for Blue Éclair which got her “mmmming and ahhing” throughout our afternoon tea.


One last thing I must mention the toilets are out of this world, passing through the other rooms at Sketch and trailing up the white stairs and multi-coloured panel ceiling. The cocoon egg cubicles plays wind up bird sounds.

IMG_6850 IMG_6849 photo 5

Overall Sketch was had great ambience, delicious cakes and very amusing venue.


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