I remember some time ago, I was looking up green tea desserts places in London and it brought me a location in Camden. Years have passed and I never gotten the chance to visit. Recently I was dying for some sweet treats and Lanka came up, only discovered this week it was, in fact, the same company I was trying to track down. We were meant to be! A train journey to Finchley Road and a short walk from the station, we ended up at Lanka.

IMG_6424 Lanka

Lanka has limited seating 4-5 tables, a fantastic tea selection and a mouth-watering display of irresistible cakes created by Chef Masayuki Hara. Originally from Japan, he has been working in French cuisine restaurants and decided to set up his own catering company.


Pâtisserie includes a lot of green tea infused cakes, and of course, traditional French cakes. Each piece is mastered to perfection, precision straight knife cuts, and fancy decorations.


Seated down my friend and I had a pot of tea each, imagine fresh blossoms of flowers with whiffs of floral aromas and flavours all ceylon based.


Mont Blanc is cake I often see on my instagram popular in the Far East, a meringue nest of whipped cream shaped in a snow-capped dome.


Next I went for a green tea panna cotta, shaped in a cake slice, with a creamy smooth middle with azuki beans finished with a gelatine green tea.


My friend had the Japanese baked cheesecake and Paris Brest. Japanese baked cheese was indulgently divine, thick crumbly cheese texture. Chef Masayuki Hara appeared as we had our cakes and gave us samples of freshly baked goods right from the oven.


By the time we wanted to get cakes to takeaway, most of the cakes on display were wiped out. You can tell why, by just looking at the cake display photo. Lanka we belong together and will visit again.

Lanka • Finchley Road
9 Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6 3HX
Tel: 020 7625 3366
Station: Finchley Road
(Metropolitan Line, Jubilie Line)
{google_map}9 Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6 3HX{/google_map}

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