Centre Georges Pompidou

Artsy fancy complex building. ✓ Check.  Night skyline views of the City Of Lights. ✓ Check.



The Centre Georges Pompidou a building in the 4th arrondissement Paris, filled with scaffolding looking industrial metal poles a high-tech architecture metropolis. At night, the building transforms and light up, different floors of museums and exhibitions. With ˆ3 admission head up to the top deck via transparent escalators for 360o paranoiac views of Paris.

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Once you’re at the top, dine at Georges Paris is a French fusion restaurant. Staff dressed immaculately chic, uber stylish girls, perfectly groomed with red lipstick in little black fitted dresses and high heels. The men tip to toe smart with fitted clothes made to tailor like they stepped out of Savile Row.


Before 7pm, there are specials for a light dinner, seated outside we had heated heaters keeping us toasty and warm. Although the service could be a little slow, the waiter was very attentive, and having a friend who spoke French was handy. We both ordered French omelettes, mine with ham, tomatoes, and cheese.

French Omelette

A la French style omelettes are a great size, more than enough to fill you up, a smooth golden yellow colour, hidden inside all the lovely ingredients. I love how you can enjoy eggs at any time of the day, and how easy it is to access in France. My friend wind down to glasses of wine, and glazed over the Effiel Tower sparkling at night. 

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19 Rue Beaubourg, 75004 Paris, France

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4e Paris{/google_map}

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