Cupcake couture – canary wharf

I will be sharing my outings of snacks online from now. I constantly receive questions on places I go for my food. Hope you will enjoy these new posts.

Cupcake couture has recently open a branch in canary wharf just opposite waitroise I’ve managed to try red velvet for the very first time. I still need to try hummingbirds cupcakes.





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  1. Hi, I have spent the good part of an afternoon looking through your wonderful photos and mentally storing your reviews. You have literally made my mouth water! I live near Canary Wharf so may have to try the cupcakes. Ok now off to raid my cupboard…

    P.S I have just started a blog and have posted about Canary Wharf if you would like to have a look. Take care, Amie

    1. Hello Amie,

      Thanks for dropping by! The purpose of the blog was to record my food adventures, I’m glad your enjoying my blog. O the best cupcakes I ever had were from bes of bloomsbury, you must try the afternoon tea there.

      I have been to your blog, I love your style of writing, it’s very engaging to read.

  2. Hi, Thanks for the tip- I think i’ll put it on my to do list! & thanks for the compliment. I’m brand new to blogging but I hope todays article is a bit more polished. Time will tell…

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