After having my feet pampered at orba spa in Camden. I swiftly made my way to the markets, chaboba commented on my blog to sample their bubble tea. I was greeted by the barista Andrew, the decor of chaboba is in between Japanese pop and modern. Colourful circles on white Walls and the adorable panda ice shaver machine tucked away in the corner. My mission of course was to try the bubble tea.
I choose the traditional bubble tea, I watched with amusement as Andrew created my drink. Tea is brewed from tea leaves and I saw him added milk powder and off it went to be sealed in the machine. The tea had a lovely creamy milky texture, and the bubbles was so soft and chewy however I could tell the tea brewed didn’t use a fresh batch of tea leaves and it was slightly on the flavourless side in taste. Overall it was nice and I will be visiting again to try the other flavours.




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