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I’ve been to a few of MEAT branches. This time I accompanied the boys for their triple chilli challenge, at the Old street branch. The Old Street branch is a bit confusing to get to. Google maps led me to a bright red neon sign with “Meat” and a red arrow direction. MEATmisson is a converted old church. It bears similar themes to the other branches.


I sat in the dark waiting for the boys to arrive. There was no way I would take up another “man vs food” challenge. I just got myself a simple dirty chicken burger & chilli fries to share.

MEATmission triple chilli challenge
MEATmission triple chilli challenge

Whilst one of my friends went and done the “triple chilli challenge”. There are 3 things you need to eat, a chilli dog, chilli fries, and a burger.  A set time limited is needed to complete the challenge.  Eat it in less then 10 minutes, and it is FREE to you!

photo 4

It was a race against time, in nail biting environment the pressure was on. My friend Simon managed to do it within 7 minutes. Well done!  Earning a place on the top 20 board.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

I totally forgot to take a photo of my chicken burger. It was simply amazing. The burger came with a deep-fried batter chicken with crisp lettuce, mayo a soft bun, and filling and satisfying.


photo 4

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