I had my fair share of fish and chips in my life. Living in the cockney side of London, we have plenty of kebabs and chippy’s. The seaside is only a train ride away; getting fresh fish is no problem at all.

golden union fish and chips
golden union fish and chips

There was a late night, the cravings came, and lucky enough I was in the Oxford Street area. All my brain was thinking of was FISH & CHIPS!

Mentally I knew the location after passing Golden Union several times. In between the Oxford Street and Soho. At Poland Street, Golden Union looks like your typical local chip shop.

With the usual salt and vinegar pots and a box of wooden forks, placed on top of the metal counter tops. I sat inside for my meal. Having my favourite plaice fish, I was shocked by the size of the plate.

golden union plaice
golden union plaice

The fish reached corner-to-corner right to the edges of the plate. Piles of chips scattered. I took my first bite of the fish, the meat flaked off, and the batter was crispy light. The chips were the best, hand picked Grade A potatoes. Not a drip of grease to be seen. The chip was fluffy with a slight crisp.

It was PERFECTION, thanks Golden Union your place has absolutely the best fish & chips I ever had in my life. Meal was already £15, great tasting food and excellent service.


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