Bonne Maman

From your grandmother’s kitchen, that what Bonne Maman means in English the brand is a well known for its preserves, jelly and their cakes. Nothing beats Bonne Maman preserves on freshly crusty toast for breakfast. The branding is simple red checkered on white with a black handwriting style font family.

Petit Coconut Bonne Maman

The Bonne Maman team sent me a selection of cakes to review. Serving up an afternoon tea in my own house. I put the kettle on and brewed Jing earl grey tea in my For Life stump teapot. Bonne Manman comes in a range of delicious petit cakes, using traditional French baking. Each bag comes with 7 individually wrapped cakes.

Madeleine orla_kiely IMG_0881 IMG_0874

Each slice is individually wrapped sealing the freshness. Unwrap the cake and you notice the buttery smell, the Madeline was still fluffy like it was freshly baked and moist. For the chocoholics the chocolate covered version plus the coconut one will satisfy those taste buds without being overbearingly sweet. Even if they seem to be mass produce the quality and consistency taste the same.

IMG_0881 IMG_0864 Chocolate Madeleine

The Bonne Maman cakes are a great excuse to throw an afternoon tea party, ensuring you get great tasting products with natural flavouring. They are sold from £2 in supermarkets and local shops.

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