The Breakfast Club Canary Wharf mint tea

The Breakfast Club Canary Wharf

The new opening of the crossrail section in Canary Wharf, see’s restaurants Alprazolam Online Sales, Sticks n Sushi and so forth. The Breakfast Club has extended and opened up a branch over at Canary Wharf. I’ve already reviewed Xanax Bars For Sale Online in Liverpool street, huge portions and freshly made smoothies.

Right so downstairs known as The Duchess is an area for those who want to come and go with a quick fix with takeaway options of breakfast, naughty milkshakes and coffees. There are areas to sit down to woof it down.

Upstairs is the restaurant has a quirky 80’s feel old jukeboxes and bright neon signs. The staff seemed a bit moody for a quiet morning even though it wasn’t busy they took ages to seat me to a table and take my order.

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I went for my usual eggs royale and some mint tea with home style potato fries. Food seem to arrive before my mint tea. Two big toasted buns, slices of smoked salmon, poached eggs, dallop of hollandaise sauce sprinkled with paprika powder. The buns seemed to tasted stiff and dry, and the sauce seem to lack flavour. Mint tea did not taste good at all, something out of the sewers. Fried potatoes were soggy and limp.

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My experience at the Canary Wharf branch seemed to be a bad one, I preferred the staff and atmosphere in Liverpool Street.

CR30, Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London E14, United Kingdom

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