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I blame social media for making me fantasize eggslut in LA. The constant stream of facebook videos and seeing images online making me bookmarking them for my must-try food list. I even dreamt of flying to the USA to have one of those sandwiches. Then rumour has it that eggslut was opening up in London. If you went to Taste of London this year than you would have gotten a taste of what’s to come.   


eggslut Notting Hill and menu

Eggslut opened up its first and only European location in London, located at Notting Hill Portobello Road. During the mid-day visit, it wasn’t too busy, as soon as you walk in the doors there is someone to greet you with a menu in their arms. You take a look at the menu, order and pay for your food than wait for your order to be called out. The cooking station is right by the entrance and tills for all to see. Cooks are whipping up food by the order. The interior is neutral and clean, by the back there is an outdoor area with natural light hitting into space. Be prepared to share tables as they are designed for people to eat the sandwich within 10 minutes.   


Obviously, with the name eggslut every single dish on the menu has an element of eggs. An egg sandwich is nothing new but for me, I have one every morning for breakfast. Fairfax is the most popular sandwich and was recommended by staff. It is also great to know that they use local British suppliers, clarence court eggs, Bread Ahead, and Nude espresso.

seating area
seating area

the fairfax sandwich

Handed over a paper disposable plate and a plastic fork, I took the brown paper bag branded with the company name to the back of the establishment. I added an extra turkey sausage in my order, the soft scrambled golden yellow eggs burst out between the soft pillowy brioche buns. The slice of cheddar melted in unison to the scrambled egg. You see specks of chopped up chives and grease dripping from the turkey sausage.  

fairfax sandwich with extra turkey sausage

the taste

You going to need that fork to eat this eggtastic sandwich, the surprise is the sriracha chilli sauce added some heat. Those scrambled eggs are cooked perfectly and were creamy smooth. £11.50 may seem a bit much but considering how much you get, you’ll be surprisingly full.   


For more information the visit eggslut website.  

185 Portobello Rd 
Notting Hill, London W11 2ED 
+44 20 3745 1920 
Mon-Sun: 8AM – 5PM 


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