Corean chilli is located in Chinatown a few mins walk from leicester square. This was our last choice to go on a Sunday night as bibimbap soho was closed. (bibimbap is now open Sunday’s)

Kim and I wanted some bibimbap and jap chae really badly. Upon arrive we was placed in the corner, the service was super slow! We waited patiently to be served sadly it took 20 mins, they was busy serving other people who arrived after us!???

We ordered kimchi pancake, jap chae, spicy ricecakes and some seafood pancake. The ricecakes are very spicy I was dripping from sweat eating it. A little cold as it might have been microwaved?

The pancakes was decent, the jap chae was fantastic but on the greasy side. The bibimbap was slightly bland, so i recommend going to bibimbap soho if you want decent Korean food.

There’s a 12.5% service charge for the bill.

51 Charing Cross Rd
London, WC2H 7

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