Victoria Park Market

Meltsmiths Victoria Park

Once a week on Sunday’s a market opens up inside of Victoria Park. Victoria Park Market is located between Bonner Gate and Gore Gate. Besides street food traders, I’m there for the fresh produce, supporting small business and farmers. You’ll find seasonal fruit & veg, meat, cheese, olives, the lot.  


This time around, I was with a friend exploring the many street food stalls in the market. It was an Autumn day the leaves on the floor started to transition to golden hues, and you can hear the crunch of leaves through your footsteps.



I yearned for something comforting for the outdoors. There’s something about grilled cheese that is tasty, warm, that satisfy my needs. I remembered trying Meltsmiths somewhere before, on the menu there are three cheese toasties to choose from and loaded sweet potato fries.  


Meltsmiths uses artisan sourdough bread, and three different kinds of cheese depending on what you order. An iron cast is then pressed on the grilled for even heat distribution. Every bite is crunchy and you can’t avoid the stringy cheese. We ordered “the classic” mature cheddar, mozzarella and sweet tangy onion jam. “Ham About Town” is filled with mature cheddar, mozzarella, roast ham, and English mustard.


The Big V

Next up we paid The Big V a visit, the whole menu is vegan and is made from scratch in their kitchen in Shoreditch. The Big V Falcon cheeseburger pictured here is made up of house tomato relish, house burger sauce, pickled red onion, vegan cheddar and house maple facon.  

The Big V Facon

A pie party


Last stop was A Pie Party, I passed this stall many times ogling over the massive dessert pies. S wanted to try every single item and brought everything. I got to try the special edition pumpkin pie and peanut butter one. The base of A Pie Party crust is different to any other places out there. Thick pastry crust like the desserts I had back in primary school.  

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