Tiger Sugar 老虎堂

Ever since I was young I spent most of my teen years, going into town with friends and family just to hang out in one of the cafes to just have some bubble tea. There are so many variations of the types you can order. Bubble tea is made up of hot or cold tea, either milky style, fruit based, smoothie than at the bottom black round tapioca balls are at the bottom. One of Asia’s most hyped up brands that sends queues all around the corner is Tiger Sugar 老虎堂. Tiger Sugar 老虎堂 has finally made its way in London, opening the very first store inside of Bang Bang Oriental foodhall.  

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hal

I spent most of my youth at the old Oriental City or Yaohan as it was previously called. The food hall was one of my favourites. Boasting an array of different cuisines under one roof. Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall, is just as great. 


Tiger Sugar 老虎堂 originated from Taichung in Taiwan, the beverage is well known for the tiger stripes created from the warm brown sugar syrup that goes around the plastic cup. Fresh cream milk is added instead of powdered milk.  

Tiger Sugar 老虎堂 bubble tea

I ordered the brown sugar boba milk with cream mousse £4.70 from the menu, a lot pricier compared majority of bubble tea shops, but you can taste the difference in the quality.  


It takes 5 minutes for the sugar to dissolve in the cup, best gets those photos of the drink in and the staff advise to shake the drink at least 15 times to mix the drink.  

As mentioned the real milk is thicker and a lot creamier than the powder types from other places. The brown sugar syrup taste almost caramelised and sweet. The tapioca balls are kept warm in a syrup and is very chewy in texture.  

399 Edgware Rd, London NW9 0FH 

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