The combination of home baked caramelised bacon, flaked almonds and caramel sauce, sounds so wrong but taste so good.

Yes, you may think why on earth would I have bacon with my frozen yoghurt? With me I like to try anything at least once, and I’m glad that I did.

With many fro yo franchise exploding the scene; it’s difficult to pick the best tasting ones. Daisy green and pinkberry have to be my top favourites I’ve tried so far.  The froyo from Daisy green is delicious and refreshing, you can tell from the British milk used the taste is unique compared to other frozen yoghurt places out there.


Find Daisy at:

Cardinal Place, Victoria, from noon daily

One New Change, St Pauls, from noon daily

Eat. St, Kings Cross, from 11am Tuesdays

One New Change, Kings Cross, Old Spitalfields Market (Sundays 10am- 6pm)

FESTIVALS…Little Creatures (London Zoo), Mayor of London Thames Festival, Africa Express (Kings Cross), Ice Cream Festival (Kings Cross).

At festivals and markets all over the UK

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