After my 6 hour shopping marathon I knew I had to grab something to eat. I was thirsty, I had bubbleolgy in my mind but then I thought I must try MADD next door. I came across MADD on the day of bubblogy opening from the outside I was quite intrigued to know what they had for sell.

It was a brief encounter at the time, then I saw someone’s check in for place. Outside the bright orange funky design blends in with the soho area. So it’s a place where mangos are the highlight on the menu. MADD = Mangoes addiction, almost everything on the menu is all Mangoes based. There’s quite a bit on the menu but luckily they had a food display, since it was my first time and I felt like having a fruit salad I opted for mango mousse. The place was empty when I went, the little corner table of people playing connect four the seating area is very spacious, and there’s boards games to play, Jenga, connect four, chess etc.

My order came in 5 mins, the presentation was beautifully done and I felt a personalised touch with <3 mango in sauces. A colourful fruit palette with some cream.

The fruits itself tasted ok, not the greatest I thought they would use nicer ingredients since it my dish was £6.50. The mousse was light in texture and subtle in flavour the crumble was nice just like cheesecakes.

Overall I’m happy and would love to try the other stuff next time. I picked up a loyalty card too.

53 Rupert Street, Soho, London, W1D 7PH

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