After some sweating Korean food action from Bibimbap soho last night, I felt a little too hot and went strolling to Amorino. Now Amorino was suggested by my friend, she claimed it was the BEST ice cream EVER, so being me I knew I had to try it. It’s been a good few months since I was suppose to go to try the stuff in the summer, but hey I needed it last night.

There were only 10 flavours on offer at the parlour, but for the smallest pot for around £2.30 you can have as much flavours as you want for that price. I only chose three, which were mango, nutella and pistachio. My friend was wowed by the fact there was 58 variations of hot chocolate flavours to choose from (this I will need a revisit to try).

I took one spoonful of the ice-cream and squealed “mmm, this is good”, to my friend. The flavours are very natural and true to what they suppose to taste like, it has the nice icy texture and melts in the mouth. It was very filling for the smallest pot and I highly recommend people to go try it! I have to say this stuff is WAY better then Oddono’s but I think I have a slight preference to gelupo ice creams.

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