I was so thirsty after shopping, I wanted a light dinner and also a ice green tea latte so headed off to Seoul bakery. I remember when it was just a bakery the owner would greet me with all smiles his name is hoho son. He introduced me a pumpkin pastry. I was taken for surprise that tasted good. His now my friend on FaceBook lol.

Anyways this visit I didn’t see him there, it was empty the people asked me if I was eaten in or take away. I told in seating in, and they told me take a seat. The menu is quite varied bi bim bap comes in metal bowels here, there was spicy rice cakes, Korean pancake, sushi and many others.

As I wanted something really light for dinner I choose Korean sushi and my ice green latte.

The green tea latte was a little bitter this time round but cooled me down from the summer heat. Usually the lady who works at the cafe makes the ice green tea sweet.  The sushi was freshly made to order and I could tell the seaweed was stuck on properly. The sushi was great, unusual to Japanese style it had carrots, pickle, fish cake, vegetable. The sushi was flavoured and texture went well together.

The damage for the ice tea and sushi came to a total of £5.50 bargain or what.

Next time I shall try the bi bim baps!

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