One of the best things to do is get lost; you will always seem to discover something fascinating. At the time I was after a currywurst but somehow on the way managed to stumble onto Wardour Street. I hurriedly walked past L’eto cafe but took 2 steps back; the window display of the cakes caught my eyes. Then there it was the green tea cheesecakes that made me snap a photo of the window. All the cakes on display looked so irresistible, and after posting the shop window on my facebook my friend told me that the green tea cheesecake was good and the napoleon.

Today was the day, I went back to have that Green tea cheesecake; if anyone knows me personally I am a true green tea addict, I drink a cup or two of green tea every day. It was just last night I was having a green tea smoothie from candy cafe.

The cafe was quite busy as arrived I took a good 5 mins eyeing up the food on display, napoleon was nowhere to be found and I was destined to have the green tea cheesecake. The cake cost me £4.80, it was worth it. I had a quick look at the drinks menu and it was astonishing to see it cost around £3.50 +.  The presentation of the green tea cheese cake was fantastic; there were pieces of rhubarb, cherries, berries garnished on top. The cheesecake was rich, and full of flavour the filling was fluffy, the crust was biscuit based and filled me up. It did leave me thirsty but I later had a drink in prêt.

My friend had the Chocolate nut cake, it was very light but slightly bland in taste.

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