Every so often, I would make a request to my friends to travel long and far for my food adventure journeys. Who better to ask then my Korean pop/drama obsessed fans to join me on a trip to the suburbs of Kingston. New malden is home to over 30,000 Koreans! It has become widely known as Korean Town. I was ecstatic to try some authentic Korean food in the area, with my Korean guide book in my hand night was slowly creeping around the corner.

We didn’t wanted to travel to far from the rail station and settled for “The Palace”. Labelled as Chinese/Korean style food in a cosy comforting home style restaurant.

We was served complimentary starters

complimentary starters

Two of my friends were dying to try the boiled chicken in ginseng soup, it came with the tiniest chicken I ever seen in my life. My only comment about this dish it tasted very much like my mum’s boiled chicken soup.

kimchi ricecakes

I could not go to a Korean restaurant and not order my usual Kimchi ricecakes, the last time I had the stuff I was breaking out in a sweat struggling to finish the plate. Smothered in kimchi sauce and fish cakes it hit the right spots.

kimchi pancakes

Kimchi pancake, this was the favourite amongst us the crispy tangible pancake went down a treat.


The dumplings was quite disappointing and wasn’t very memorable, I think it tasted quite bland.

curry rice

The curry my friend ordered, I didn’t get to try this dish. L


This is Kim’s usual dish at Korean restaurant she said it taste the same to the ones she tried before.


Japchae this is also the usual dish I would order at Korean restaurant, the portion was very generous however it lacked flavour and I could hardly taste anything.

Overall the food is reasonably priced, I highly recommend the pancakes and I would venture out in Korean town to try another restaurant soon!

The Palace – Korean in New Malden. 189 High Street, New Malden, KT3 4BH

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