Sushi Shop started up in the city of Paris. Sushi was not widely available in Paris since ingredients were expensive, no places to take out, and no delivery. So Sushi Shop started their goal for French people to discover Californian-style sushi opening a place for creative and affordable sushi for all. With over 14 locations worldwide, mainly in Europe and countries like Dubai.

Sushi Shop invites a chef to create sushi for them. This year Sushi Shop commissioned Michelin star chef Kei Kobayashi to create their 2017 menu. Sushi Shop invited me to their Marylebone shop to sample the new menu and their signature dishes.

Californian-style sushi uses many untraditional sushi ingredients, a fusion of Japanese and unconventional and flavours make a great union. The four exclusive dishes I tried were outstanding.

Gyū special roll, Carpaccio style beef, seared and lacquered with teriyaki sauce, crunchy peppers and carrots rolled inside along with avocado with a slice of pepper and Japanese mayo.

Salmon gravlax roll, takes on Kei recipe, mint and spicy tapenade-style sauce is combined with the salmon.


This red miso cucumber salad has the sweet and sour punch, with sharp yuzu to cut through the red miso sauce and crunchy peanuts to delight every bite.


Garden maki, is Kei fresh and light, thinly sliced carrots, cucumber, peanuts, topped with maple syrup and a zest of yuzu.

Sushi shop is a step up from the Wasabi and Itsu chains and if you’re after delicious tasting sushi without going to the high-end restaurant then it’s for you.


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