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It’s been 60 years since Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs first introduce the kettle to our everyday lives. The iconic electric kettle K1 have been in many households. For me putting the kettle on for my morning tea has been a ritual for me to follow every day. Waiting for that sound of water boiling and the switch going off in a click. Besides tea, it was my friend for emergency hunger strikes Nissan pot noodles, the kettle to boil for when the boiler broke down.

russell hobbs legacy range Russell Hobbs Legacy

Russell Hobbs invited me down to their Legacy event, celebrating 60 years ingenuity and a special preview of their Legacy range. The new Legacy model boils a cup of water in 45 seconds and if you closely has the number 60 embodied in the design.

New features includes:

  • rapid boil feature
  • ergonomic control while lifting, filling and pouring

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Other items in the range are the two different toasters, that features a frozen bread function where you put bread frozen from the fridge to be toasted and also coffee makers.

At the event Tim Wright, the European Vice President gave a short presentation of the company’s history. Which started with the two engineers Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs formed their own company made the K1 then proceeded to make other kitchen appliances.

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We also enjoyed tea tastings and been taught how to make the perfect tea, using the right grammage in tea leaves to the right temperature. Did you know using a high temperature can ruin your green tea?

We also had tea based cocktails and food from the Shakespeare Globe Balcony room restaurant. Meringue girls made delicious strawberry and coconut meringues. Entertainment of the evening consisted of live bands and singing.

You can buy the Legacy from Russell Hobbs online store and other major stockists.

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