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Do you know that Basque is one of the oldest languages in Europe? Basque Country located just north of Spain between France, has the best of both world’s to source best ingredients, making it one of the top gastronomic destinations in the world. San Sebastian’s is also nearby making it the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities. Food is affordable with bars serving pixto’s for around €1-2 and tapping barrels of ciders for the same price.

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The Basque Country tourism company invited me to their event down Bibao Berria to taste and make my own pinxto’s, drinking cider learning about what Basque Country has to offer.

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The Basque mountains and valleys still reflect the thousand-year-old history and traditions. The not so typical spa awaits, visit Salt Valley and see the place covered in white flakes all year round, chefs love to rely on the salt from this valley.

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The event kicked off with eating pixto’s from Bibao Berria, everything tasted very fresh with minimal cooking needed. Stuffed peppers with tuna, baguettes slices topped with different things. The Spanish tortilla filled with fish pieces, and strong onion flavours.

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A little competition went on for a chance to win a trip to Basque Country, getting the apron on we all had to follow the chef’s pixto in order, and then it came to making our own creation and naming the dish. For a extra chance in running we had to be active on social media.

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Two winners were announced, and well gathered around to watch the tourism presentation of Bibao and the surrounding areas.