John Lewis invited me down to First options Studio in Hoxton for a special event Seasoning and Flavouring with Cole and Mason. Rachel Green was on hand to cook us an amazing lunch and talk us through the importance of seasoning and flavouring. I even made my own dips for the afternoon, which was surprisingly so simple (but took some work) to make and ate it with the delicious lunch Rachel made us.

Cole and Mason Seasoning
Cole and Mason Seasoning

Confession, I, rarely cook at home, one it’s too much effort, two so much food gets wasted. So I jumped at this special chance to learn from a real chef for tips.  The representatives of Cole and Mason gave a brief introduction about themselves and the new products they were launching. Rachel Green came out shortly presenting her basket of seasoning and the importance’s of flavour. Amongst the basket we found truffle salt and smoked salt. The smoked salt left a delicious vanilla aftertaste.

Truffle salt

I learned the word to describe the taste of blood is “metallic” and salt is a must to use at the beginning for cooking to enhance the flavour. Pepper is used at the end to give the punch.

Cole & Mason Precision Windermere Pepper Mill

Whilst she was talking I did had a play around with the Cole & Mason Precision Windermere Pepper Mill it was amazing how you can turn the switch of the dial to creating 3 different textures, from coarse to fine.

Cole & Mason Precision Windermere Pepper Mill
Cole & Mason Precision Windermere Pepper Mill

After Rachel’s speech, we were led to the kitchen to our surprise we were told to put the aprons on. I felt like I was walking into a TV kitchen studio, all the appliances and ingredients were nicely laid out with flower arrangements.

IMG_3154 IMG_3153 IMG_3152 IMG_3156 IMG_3155

Rachel showed us a demo of her peas on toast recipe. WOW, the ingredients were so simple, just frozen peas mixed with some seasoning and it blew us all away. I will post a recipe soon.

Rachel Green


We all were give one of the granite pestles and mortar to use and had access to the same ingredients. The very first dip we all had to make was guacamole; my version had avocado, garlic, and lemon, pepper and salt. The garlic press was another amazing gadget; it took the hassle out of peeling the skin. I chucked the whole thing in, and it was finely dispensed.

Zyliss Garlic Press
peas on toast dip


It was interesting to go round everyone tables to taste their dips we had different taste buds and made our dips according to our taste. The dip only took 5 minutes to make with the granite pestle and mortar. The ingredients crushed within seconds, and a smooth paste formed.

Cole & Mason Precision Windermere Salt and pepper Mill
cabbage soup

IMG_3172 IMG_3174

Rachel handed us two different cups of cabbage soup, both had chicken stock, one was not seasoned and tasted like garbage. Tasteless, without a hint of the chicken stock, whereas the other one all the flavours was there.

Homemade mayo Cole & Mason Ceramic Pestle and Mortar,

Our next dip we created was a mayonnaise, egg yolks, garlic, salt, pepper and some lemon was used in my creation. This one took a bit of work, as you have to add the oil in tiny drops to make it thicker. The ceramic pestle and mortar made the mayo super smooth.

Cole & Mason Granite Pestle and Mortar


The last dip we all made was pesto, who knew you needed a whole basil plant pot to create a small bowl. I can proudly say I used my dip for the lunch Rachel whipped up.

IMG_3188 IMG_3189 IMG_3184 IMG_3186 IMG_3185

Rachel made a marvellous lunch using ingredients from her farm, luscious roast lamb, and fillets of salmon.

Pepper Cake

IMG_3192 IMG_3193 IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3199

We were all treated to some of her special pepper cake, with blackberries. I shall post some of Rachel’s recipes for everyone in the upcoming weeks. I learned heaps from Rachel and the John Lewis team, thanks for having me.

Mason and Cole Store

John Lewis Kitchen

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