One Sunday morning, I was messaging my friend in bed, somehow we both arranged to go “Yum cha” that very same day. I fancied going to Pearl Liang to have those delightful bite size parcels. We met up and took a long detour looking for this place.

Even armed with my smart phone and google maps, we still walked around in circles!

Pearl liang is hidden in a secret location surrounded by buildings. When we got there, it was pretty much very empty.

The reason I wanted to go to this specific place was to try out the wasabi prawns.  It is like ha gao wrapped in wasabi skin. This was my favourite out of the dim sum.

We roughly ordered around 8-10 dishes and happily tucked in, I did find the dim sum slightly above average to usual dim sum restaurants I go to, and I recommend the prawn dishes and go to Pearl Liang for a intimate dining atmosphere.

Pearl Liang on Urbanspoon

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