You heard of the “cronut”, “duffin” and “dessurger” now it’s time to feast your eyes on the “goanut” created in by the hands of Christian Rozsenich, executive chef at The Tower Hotel’s Brasserie restaurant.


I have been granted a pass to go behind the scenes at The Tower Hotel Brassiere own kitchen, to witness how this beauty was made. The Tower Hotel overlooks the Thames and Tower Bridge and is right next to the “girl and dolphin” sculpture.

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Firstly, 4 dots of salted caramel mousse are placed on the plate, and then small chucks of beetroot are added. The two goanuts are deep fried for a couple minutes placed on two of the salted caramel spots. The rest of the plate is garnished with salad and walnuts and balsamic vinegar sauce. I certainly learned a trick or two about plating up and garnishing food techniques.



How did it taste?

In thoughts, the sweet and savoury flavours may confuse the mind, but it actually works well. You can hardly taste the salted caramel, and goat’s cheese is so unique. There are two different doughnuts on the plate the sweet fluffy kind, and the coated breadcrumb version.

IMG_3444 IMG_3436

Taken on a ride in my mouth, the plate explored different flavours.

goanut tower hotel
goanut tower hotel

Both came oozing with melted soft cheese, paired with the punchy fruity beetroot it was a true delight and played with sweet, savoury and sour notes.


Whilst I was there I also got to try out the “chicken supreme” although it didn’t wowed me over as much as the goanut. The chicken meat slightly too dry and overcooked the skin saved the dish. The dauphinoise potatoes were creamy and had a slight hint of garlic went well with the chicken.

IMG_3450 IMG_3451

My friend opted for the fish and chips, firstly the shock of seeing two large battered fish. Those two beasts could easily feed two people, mushy peas and bowl of crunchy chips for sides.

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