After my interview, I was looking for a cafe to chill for a while. Coming out of vauxhall walk, I managed to come across tea house theatre. There was no signs of venue, but what struck me was the sweets, cakes stand through the windows and the waiter dressed up very neatly like a bell boy. As I got nearer to the place, there was a board sign telling me that the place was semi open and to excuse the renovation.

Speaking to the waiter, I asked what cakes they had available, there wasn’t much as they was too busy baking away in the kitchen. There was 3 things on offer, bread and butter pudding, jelly and ice cream and some other dish I forgot.

Then I asked about the tea, unfortunately they do teas by the pot. As it is suppose to be a tea room for people to have high tea. The waiter was great he offered me a mug of tea and bread and butter pudding for £5.

The bread and butter pudding tasted decent, flavoured but the bread was slightly stiff. The tea was fantastic, exactly how I like my tea, not too milky.

Like I said before the place was still being renovated, it still was unfinished. I felt like I was transported back in time, with smoothing piano classical music playing in the background. The toilets felt grand like a hotel.

Apparently the place was a pub called queen Anne known as the oldest strip club in London.
I shall be visiting again soon.



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