Brixton village is one of those magical places where you feel you been transported into another world. They even have their own Brixton Pounds currency. This time round we did not have a specific destination we just let our minds and nose wander. Prior to this visit, I used Brixton Buzz guide to navigate through town.

Honest Burgers menu
Honest Burgers menu

Wondering around we stumbled across the famous “roti lady” Tasty K then ended up at “Honest burgers”.


Two chefs were frantically cooking away tossing and turning burgers like no mans business. The waitress walked us to our tables; menus were attached to a wooden clipboard.

The menu was brown down into 3 columns, by starters, divided the large blackboard with rows for different meats and specials.

The only misleading information was that we thought the prices shown on the menu was for the burger only, we were about to order extra fries on top.

The meat supplied is by the infamous ginger pig butchers. All burgers are served on toasted glazed buns & rosemary seasoned chips.  As my friend and I had plans to eat as many places as we can.

Honest Burgers - Cheese burger and Rosemary chips
Honest Burgers – Cheese burger and Rosemary chips

We shared the cheeseburger between us; cut in half the minced patties still had a raw pinkness to them. In a neat 3-tier layer, the burger was perfectly stacked, the melted bubbly cheese splattered all over the meat.

Honest Burgers - Cheese burger
Honest Burgers – Cheese burger


The rosemary chips, stood out by miles, the scent of rosemary was heavenly.

To be honest the burger was just ok, the meat was good, but the whole burger wasn’t something spectacular. More of a in between, of not too bad and wow.


The lemonade was freshly prepared on premises, made with sparkling water. A refreshing, citrus, fruity drink over ice in jar.


Moving swiftly we ended up at the other market, Market Row looking for “Happy Dumplings”. A basket of prawn crackers were given complimentary & we decided to share a pot of tea between the 3 of us. The teapot came in a beautiful transparent glass pot, with a burning candle to keep the tea warm.

IMG_3225 IMG_3226 IMG_3227 IMG_3231 IMG_3230 IMG_3229

The purpose of the meal was to have traditional Northern and Southern Chinese style dumplings. We had xiao long bao and pan-fried dumplings. The meat was chunky and the carrots overpowered the flavour making it quite sweet. Both dumplings are a must, to be dipped into Chinese vinegar.

IMG_3234 IMG_3235 IMG_3238

The xiao long bao was a similar taste to the pan-fried dumplings & the skin was tough on the exterior then the usual stuff I have tried. The owner is a lovely lady, smiley & friendly. Happy dumplings provides good portions, and if you’re starving you can go large and order a plateful of them.

Chillbox frozen yoghurt
Chillbox frozen yoghurt

Whilst eating & walking around, we saw people with this bright pink box. The massive font “chill” caught our eyes. Resembling a tissue box, hidden inside was a pot. What a brilliant idea on packaging, to differ from the other frozen yoghurt competitors.

Chillbox frozen yoghurt
Chillbox frozen yoghurt

IMG_3244 IMG_3240

The menu for chillbox was simple, only a few, my friend managed to bag the brownie frozen yoghurt. Made with Greek yoghurt, it tasted healthy and the brownies crumbled over the frozen yoghurt. It was refreshing, tasty and not overbearing sweet.


It was then I saw a poster that said it accepted “Brixton pounds”. The owner happened to be there on the day, and I managed to buy one for a souvenir.

Until next time Brixton, I shall be back.

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Happy dumplings
Happy Dumplings on Urbanspoon
Honest brugers
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