It was one of those lazy summer days. Hanging around Canary Wharf, lying in the warm blanket of sunshine until dusk. Then hunger struck, we didn’t fancy pub food plus Sunday most restaurants seen to close early.


Somehow we ended up strolling around the riverside, the former Belgique establishment, Le Secret Des Rotisseurs appeared. It was the sexy French accent from the waiter that greeted us that lured us inside. The well dressed immaculate waiter, and sleek back gel hair. He showed us the menus; all they served is roast chicken with a special secret sauce.

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With the hinge and chains amongst the wall and watching the chickens spin. It emitted a delicate aroma that filled the room.

Taken upstairs the waiter said I was free to roam the wine storage room, which I did. We choose the set menu “A DÉGUSTER ENSEMBLE” a whole chicken plus two sides.

Le Secret Des Rotisseurs chicken
Le Secret Des Rotisseurs chicken

I fancied the salad; a bouquet of green leaves with thinly sliced cheese was presented in front of me.

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Our roasted chicken arrived, and our server came equipped with the knife. Operated our whole chicken on his trolley, he skilfully sliced our chicken to pieces. Upon first bite, the chicken soft and moist, tenderly cooked. The secret sauce was a simple blend of gravy and herbs. The chicken tasted good with or without the sauce.

Le Secret Des Rotisseurs
Le Secret Des Rotisseurs

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Having half the chicken each and potatoes as sides we were too full to tackle any desserts. The server was pleasurable, even telling me the name of the chicken (hello harriot) we were eating. Each chicken is sourced from English farms, and a different chicken is cooked everyday.

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Le Secret Des Rotisseurs sauce
Le Secret Des Rotisseurs sauce

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Le Secret Des Rotisseurs is slightly more upmarket then the usual nandos, they so tasty chickens. Great riverside view; come here for a peaceful quiet meal from the usual.

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